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    17 Times Latte Art Went Way Too Far

    Some of these are NSFW, if you can believe that.

    1. These are Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un in cups.

    They're amazing but...also, why?

    2. This is a foamy winking Putin face.

    3. This is a meticulously poured Grumpy Cat.

    Holding a mirror? A fly-swatter? IDEK.

    4. Look closely. This is a LOTR ring.

    Intricate. Time consuming. And soon to be destroyed.

    5. This is a 3-D giraffe.

    Let's call him "Foamy." Then let's never speak of this again.

    6. Surreal. But also very real.

    7. This is a bread clip...for some reason.

    8. This barista is just showing off.

    9. Wow. Much foam.

    10. This one is just creepy.

    11. Breaking Bad in foam form.

    More like...Breaking bean? No. Sorry.

    12. Sherlock, of course.

    13. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    14. WHY.

    15. I just. Why.

    16. Bye, forever.

    Please make it stop.

    17. Time to switch to tea.