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These Cheap And Fancy Faux Brass Hangers Will Upgrade Your Space

Rock out with your air plant out.

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If you've been on Etsy or walked into a West Elm recently you've probably seen these fancy brass hangers around. Here's an easy and cheap way to make one yourself!

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On one of the wire ends, thread on a 9 inch straw. One the other end, thread on two 4 inch straws.

Connect this end the the diagonal opposite side. Coil the wire to hold in place. Then on the same wire, thread on the 9 inch straw.

On a new piece of 4 foot long wire, thread one of the 4 inch straws.

Push it into the middle of the wire. Attach it to one of the sides of the square part, and the bottom by looping the wire. Add the last 4 inch straw to the bottom, and coil into place.

Thread the last two 9 inch straws to the top, and wrap two of the excess wires around the other two.

Create a loop with two of the wires, and wrap the remaining wire around the base to secure the loop.

Spray paint with bronze or gold paint in a well-ventilated area.

Make sure to get some into the straws at the joints! Let you hangers dry for about an hour before tying sting onto the hook to hang.

These hangers are surprisingly sturdy, and can be used to hold small plants or ceramic jewelry bowls that measure 3-4 inches in diameter.

And now that you know the technique, you can experiment with sizes and shapes of all kinds!

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