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    Dec 22, 2014

    13 Gifts You Can Buy At The Airport That Don't Suck

    Just because it's the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE doesn't mean your gift can't be thoughtful.

    1. A Magazine Subscription

    Fill out the little subscription cards inside the magazine as a card. Then you can actually get the subscription online.

    2. The Best Local Candy / /

    And if all else fails, there's always Toblerone.

    3. A Shot Glass (With Booze!) / /

    Get mini bottles at the duty-free shop, or if you're REALLY last minute (and don't mind the 600% markup) just buy a few on the actual flight.

    4. A Special Book

    Find the perfect book for everyone on your list here.

    5. A Personalized Souvenir T-shirt /

    Use those little sewing kits available in most travel stores to add a personal touch to a souvenir shirt while you're on the plane. Add the recipient's name, or a heart on the part of the city where you live. Learn how to do basic embroidery here.

    6. Customized Headphones (or Travel Charger Cord) / Via

    Use the sewing kit to make this super easy friendship wrap for travel earbuds while you're on the plane. Learn how here.

    7. An Embellished Eyemask

    Add little eyes, or a cute saying (like GO AWAY.)

    8. Comically Large Candy

    They usually sell these in Duty-Free shops along with the booze. Perfect for a kid who can't get enough sugar.

    9. 52 Reasons Why You Love Them / /

    Written on souvenir playing cards. Perfect plane activity. Get more ideas for how to do it here.

    10. A Custom Breakfast Kit . / /

    The local mug, coffee specialty, and a cute breakfast snack all tied together.

    11. A Treat Yourself Travel Kit ./

    Xpress Spa locations are available in these cities worldwide. Plus a coordinating neck pillow for that extra comfort.

    12. Pilot-for-a-Day Kit /

    Perfect for the aspiring pilot of any age. Get free wings from your pilot as you leave the plane.

    13. A Fastpass for Airport Lines /

    A year subscription to clear allows the frequent traveler to skip security lines. Package it in a cute luggage tag and you're good to go.

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