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    10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Give A Gift Card

    Or cold hard cash.

    While some might think a gift card is an impersonal or lazy choice, for the right person a gift card can be the perfect blend of personal (choosing the right store) and freeing (getting exactly what they want from it) — especially if you package it well.

    So we teamed up with the crafty folks at Etsy to come up with a few clever ways to present this perfect last-minute gift and make it actually look cute.

    1. Wrapped in yarn.

    2. Tucked in a mixtape.

    3. Tied up as cargo.

    4. Inside a gem.

    5. Rolled up in a balloon.

    6. In a DIY envelope.

    7. Disguised as candy.

    8. Inside a cute creature.

    9. In a re-usable envelope.

    10. In a great pyramid.

    Still don't have things for everyone on your list? Check out Etsy's Last Minute Gift page for more inspiration.

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