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    Follow This Schedule And You'll Have The Best Day Ever

    Optimize every single moment of your day with this masterful schedule.

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    5:45 a.m.: Wake up.

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    To start off the best day ever and calibrate your circadian rhythm, wake up around sunrise after seven hours of sleep.

    JUST KIDDING! Go back to sleep for 20 minutes.

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    Allowing yourself an extra snooze is actually proven to lower your stress levels. SCIENCE.

    6:05 a.m.: Weigh Yourself.

    The optimal time to step on the scale is after going to the bathroom but before eating breakfast.

    6:10 a.m.: Put on sunscreen. / Via

    Slather on the sunscreen every day 30 minutes before going outside so it can fully absorb. F U UV RAYS.

    6:20 a.m.: Send an important email. / Via obnoxiouscarbuncle

    Studies show most people check their email at the beginning of the day, so sending an email first thing means it's more likely to be read.

    6:30 a.m.: Take a walk outside.

    Morning sunlight is more effective against depression than any other light. For real.

    7:00 a.m.: Have Sex.

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    Blood circulation is higher in the morning, which makes for quicker arousal. Sex also triggers endorphins that will help you start your day happier and more energized.

    7:30 a.m.: Eat Bacon.

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    The best time to eat fatty foods is in the morning. Your body can use the fat as energy for the rest of the day and have time to metabolize the calories.

    7:45 a.m.: Mail a package.


    Arriving at the post office around a half-hour after they open but before it gets too busy is the best way to skip the lines.

    8:00 a.m.: Drink an iced beverage. / Via

    Dr. Oz's tip to trick your metabolism is to drink an iced beverage an hour or two after waking up so your body has to burn calories to warm itself. PRETTY COOL TRICK.

    8:30 a.m. Get a haircut.

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    According to Real Simple, the best time of day to get a good haircut is between 8 and 9 a.m. when appointments won't be backed up and your hairdresser is less stressed.

    8:45 a.m.: Read Twitter.

    Tweets posted before 9 a.m. are more likely to be upbeat, according to the Wall Street Journal, and will start your day on a happy note.

    9:00 a.m.: Get gas.

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    Gas stations are more likely to update and raise their prices around 10 a.m.

    9:30 a.m.: Drink Coffee. leontrotskitty

    Your caffeine fix will be most effective from 9:30 to 11:30, between two natural cortisol spikes in the circadian rhythm.

    10:00 a.m.: Return Merchandise

    You'll get the best customer service when stores are opening and have the ideal ratio of customers to staff, especially at big box stores.

    10:15 a.m.: Eat a mini-meal.

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    To keep your blood sugar at optimal levels all day, split your lunch into two mini-meals (aka SNACKS) starting three hours after breakfast.

    10:30 a.m.: Do a crossword puzzle.

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    Between 10 and 11 a.m. your brain gets a boost that can be maximized with thought-provoking activities like crossword puzzles.

    11:00 a.m.: Get some work done.

    The earlier you tackle the detail-oriented tasks on your to-do list, the better you'll be able to accomplish them.

    12:30 p.m.: Drink more coffee.

    Caffeine can affect sleep up to six hours after being consumed, so you should have your second cup of coffee well before late afternoon.

    1:00 p.m.: Eat another mini-meal.


    The best part about lunch is second lunch.

    1:30 p.m.: Go to the doctor.

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    Booking the first appointment after lunch means your doctor is less likely to be delayed or distracted.

    2:00 p.m. Take a nap.

    A dip in body temperature in the afternoon is what causes sleepiness. Taking a 15-20 minute power nap can actually help you be more productive the rest of the day.

    2:20 p.m.: Cheat on your diet. / Via

    Indulging in a snack that's high in sugar, like chocolate, gives you an energy boost to get through the afternoon.

    2:30 p.m. Get a root canal. / Via

    If you need to get any serious dental work, get it done in the early afternoon. Your body is best prepared to handle the procedure at this time and the meds, which typically last from 8-10 hours will keep you feeling good until you go to sleep.

    3:00 p.m.: Buy a plane ticket.

    Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET is when airline tickets are the cheapest.

    3:30 p.m.: Tweet something.

    Tweets posted between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. tend to get more retweets, when people are taking a mid-afternoon break from working but aren't generating as much of their own content. Go ahead and Tweet-brag about your upcoming vacay.

    4:00 p.m.: Clean your house.

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    If you're allergic to dust or mites, your allergies will be more severe in the morning so it's best to do your cleaning in the late afternoon.

    4:30 p.m.: Buy Jewelry.

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    According to this book, the later afternoon is when sales people usually get their second wind and can give customers the most attention.

    5:00 p.m.: Ask for a raise.


    An increase in body temperature during the late afternoon improves brain function and alertness. And just like you, your boss is probably in a good mood when they're about to go home.

    5:15 p.m.: Learn a new skill or sport.


    Your hand-eye coordination is at its best around this time of day, so it's a good time to try your hand (and eye) at something new.

    5:30 p.m.: Have a drink.

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    While multiple drinks act as a depressant, one glass of beer or wine (especially for women) is actually a stimulant. Early evening is the best time for booze to give you a boost for nighttime activities and still allows your body enough time to metabolize it before bed.

    5:45 p.m.: Go to the gym.


    Dr. Matthew Edlund, head of the Center for Circadian Medicine, says the best time to do cardio is in the early evening. That's when your lungs, eyes, and muscles can work most efficiently. Plus, finishing exercise at least three hours before going to sleep will allow your body to fully cool down. WERK IT.

    6:15 p.m.: Take your fiber. / Via

    Taking fiber 15 minutes before a meal will fill you up, help you eat less at dinner, and be absorbed better by your system.

    6:30 p.m.: Eat dinner.

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    An early dinner will help prevent evening snacking. And finishing a meal at least three hours before going to bed will help you sleep better.

    7:00 p.m.: Go grocery shopping.

    True Entertainment

    Shopping after eating will help you make better choices, and getting there after the post-work rush will give you more elbow room in the aisles. Most stores also start discounting fresh-made items toward the end of the day. BRB, buying all the muffins.

    7:30 p.m.: Drink a glass of cranberry juice.

    If you drink this bacteria-busting beverage in the evening, the juice will hang out in the bladder, fighting infections 'til morning.

    8:00 p.m.: Post to Facebook.

    If you want to get the most likes, around 8 p.m. is the best time to post. People are less likely to check Facebook during work hours than other social media sites, but in the evening people are relaxed and reading more for fun than information.

    8:15 p.m.: Walk your dog.

    Dog experts say between 8 and 9 p.m. is the best time for both you and your dog to take an evening stroll. You have more time to let your dog walk at its own pace, and you'll both release excess energy before bed.

    9:00 p.m.: Read something.

    For improved memory, read in the evening hours. Your brain is more suited to retain the information you read at this time of night, and slower activities get your body ready for sleep. ERMEMBRHNS MAH FRAVRIT.

    9:30 p.m.: Take a shower.

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    Taking a warm shower before bed can help you get to sleep better. When you come out of a shower, your body temperature lowers, signaling that it's time to rest.

    9:35 p.m.: Get an idea (in the shower).

    Studies show that most people are likely to get good ideas while they're in the shower. And with your brain already in the mood to remember things, you're more likely to actually keep the ideas and use them.

    9:45 p.m.: Apply deodorant.

    In order to fully protect you, the ingredients in deodorant need to be absorbed. Applying before bed when you're less likely to sweat will give it time to get to work for the next day.

    9:50 p.m.: Floss your teeth. / Via

    Assuming you're only going to floss once a day (/week/month/etc), dentists say before bed is the best time. Food stuck between teeth all night is more likely to cause cavities and WORSE: bad breath.

    10:00 p.m.: Take allergy meds and aspirin.

    Allergy pills and aspirin are both said to work better overnight.

    10:30 p.m.: Go to bed. / Via

    CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! You just had the best day ever! Reward yourself with seven hours of well-deserved sleep.

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