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22 Fashion Infographics You Need In Your Life

A stylish new way to look at style.

1. This chart shows the origins of different kinds of fabrics and fibers.

2. Here's a chart of famous eyewear.

3. Can you tell the difference between a slingback and a mule? Now you can!

4. It's almost vagabond weather.

5. Now you can speak laundry.

6. Not all stripes are created equal.

7. Know your harem pants.

8. Master the art of layering, one step at a time.

9. Step out onto my balconette.

10. Anatomy of a wedding dress.

11. Did you even know there were this many kinds of chain?

12. This cool graphic from Apartment Geeks tells you how to organize your closet.

13. This is how you do a capsule wardrobe.

14. A visual compendium of collars.

15. For those who overpack.

16. An important rule for jackets, illustrated.

17. Those shirts with frills on the front are called jabots. Who knew!

18. Waist not, want not.

19. How to turn a dress into a skirt.

20. Never get bored with your scarf again.

21. Cleaning out your closet? Start here.

22. Necklace lengths, demystified.

See even more fashion infographics here.