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17 Gifts That Absolutely Need To Be On Your Wishlist

Spoiler: They're all flasks.

1. These flask mittens.

2. This flask scarf.

3. Or this one.

4. Thus mug with an important sidekick.

5. This belt buckle flask.

6. These amazing shoes.

7. The Wine Rack bra.

8. This smugglers cane.

9. These briefs.

10. These ski poles with hidden flask.

11. These beer mitt(en)s.

12. The iFlask.

Looks like an iPhone in a battery case. Even has a bottle opener! Get it here.

13. This "sneaky" beer beard.

14. This cozy sweater flask.

Get one here.

15. The Smuggle Mug.

16. This gingerbread man flask.

You CAN catch this one, here.

17. This one gallon flask.