These Halos For Blind Dogs Will Give You Hope For Our Tired World

    Muffin's Halos protect blind dogs from running into things. And they are the cutest things ever made.

    When Silvie Bordeaux's toy poodle Muffin went blind several years ago, she was heartbroken watching him run into walls and fall down stairs.

    This patented device helps blind dogs and their owners have a more stress-free life.

    It comes in all sizes, and many designs including the original "Halo", "Butterfly Wings", and a "Quarterback" jersey.

    Bordeaux's goal is to get these "superman outfits" into shelters, where blind dogs are most often put down.

    In addition to the Halo, she's even developing a whole line of products to help blind dogs live full and happy lives.

    Learn more about Muffin's Halo or order one for your favorite sight-challenged canine here.

    H/t Bored Panda.