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    19 Times Elaine Stritch Taught Us How To Wear Clothes

    The legendary Broadway and 30 Rock actress really knew how to not wear pants.

    1. When she paired her cane with a top hat and cape.

    2. Every time she rocked menswear better than any man.

    3. And when she looked just as good in a glamorous ball gown.

    4. In 1956, when she was dripping in diamonds.

    5. When her signature sunglasses gave Iris Apfel's a run for their money.

    6. When she wore leopard.

    7. When she styled up a sweater vest.

    8. Every time she went for the oversized string of pearls.

    9. Or when one string wasn't enough.

    10. When she wore a sparkly jumpsuit on The Tonight Show.

    11. When she perfectly paired polka dots with a touch of fur.

    12. Every time she made an entrance, gams first.

    13. When she showed us all how to do resort wear.

    14. When she was the only one who could still pull off hats.

    15. And when she accentuated her outfits with a riotous laugh.

    16. When she knew how to dress up a white tee.

    17. And of course, her most iconoclastic sartorial contribution, every time she showed us all how to look good without wearing pants.



    For you, Elaine, we'd give up pants forever.