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    17 Fabulously Easy DIY Beach Coverups

    A little sun and a whole lotta style.

    1. This Gorgeous Shawl

    2. This Cutout

    3. This Adorable No-Sew Skirt

    4. This Elegant Day-to-Night Number

    5. This Tunic Tee

    6. This Colorful Top

    7. This T-Shirt Halter

    8. This Tie-Dyed Shift

    9. This Striped Halter

    Get the DIY here.

    10. This Lace-Up Crop Top

    11. This Wrap Dress Made from a Scarf

    Directions here.

    12. This Stylish Dress

    13. These Amazing Palazzo Pants

    14. This Easy Scarf Poncho

    15. This Macrame Tank

    16. This Cute Maxi

    17. This Breezy Top

    Because you don't want to end up like this...