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24 Ways To Eat Donuts For Every Meal

Because every day should be National Donut Day.

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1. Breakfast: Egg Sandwich on a Donut

Goodbye forever, bagels. This recipe is all you'll ever need.

2. Donut with Bacon

Never forget the bacon.

3. Donut with Fruit

For a balanced meal!


4. Cereal Donut

You can't go wrong with Fruit Loops.

6. Lunch: Pulled Pork On Donut

Taking it up a notch. Check out that pickled cabbage. You can get one here.


12. Afternoon Snack: Green Tea Donuts

14. Dinner: The Infamous Luther Burger

It's a burger with a donut for a bun. You know you want to eat it.


16. There are many origin stories for this epic dinner.

Some say it originated with (and was named after) singer Luther Vandross. Other's claim a chef at Mulligan's, a bar in Decatur, Georgia, invented the delicacy when he ran out of hamburger buns.

19. Donut-Cupcake-Donut

The only threesome you'll ever need.