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    24 Ways To Eat Donuts For Every Meal

    Because every day should be National Donut Day.

    1. Breakfast: Egg Sandwich on a Donut

    2. Donut with Bacon

    3. Donut with Fruit

    4. Cereal Donut

    5. Pancake Donuts

    6. Lunch: Pulled Pork On Donut

    7. Pizza Donut Holes

    8. Savory Pizza Donuts

    9. Donut Grilled Cheese

    10. Gluten-Free Avocado Donuts

    11. Fried Chicken & Honey Butter Donut

    12. Afternoon Snack: Green Tea Donuts

    13. Girl Scout Cookie Donuts

    14. Dinner: The Infamous Luther Burger

    15. It might be 1,500 calories...

    16. There are many origin stories for this epic dinner.

    17. It doesn't get better than this.

    18. Dessert: Grilled Donuts with Espresso Sauce

    19. Donut-Cupcake-Donut

    20. Cocktail Hour: The Drunken Donut

    21. Jam Donut Shot

    22. Single Malt Donuts

    Get drunk on donuts. Recipe here.

    23. Powdered Sugar Cocktail

    24. Edible Donut Shot

    Donuts FTW!