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    24 Ways To Eat Donuts For Every Meal

    Because every day should be National Donut Day.

    1. Breakfast: Egg Sandwich on a Donut

    2. Donut with Bacon

    3. Donut with Fruit

    4. Cereal Donut

    5. Pancake Donuts

    So cute! Recipe here.

    6. Lunch: Pulled Pork On Donut

    7. Pizza Donut Holes

    They are the cutest thing you've ever seen. And there's pizza INSIDE them, too. Make them now. See the recipe here.

    8. Savory Pizza Donuts

    They are vegan! And healthy! Recipe here.

    9. Donut Grilled Cheese

    The two best things. Together at last. Get the recipe here.

    10. Gluten-Free Avocado Donuts

    Recipe here.

    11. Fried Chicken & Honey Butter Donut

    This is a real thing that exists. In Austin, TX. Get one here.

    12. Afternoon Snack: Green Tea Donuts

    13. Girl Scout Cookie Donuts

    Samoas forever. Get the recipe.

    14. Dinner: The Infamous Luther Burger

    15. It might be 1,500 calories...

    ...but it's worth every one.

    16. There are many origin stories for this epic dinner.

    Some say it originated with (and was named after) singer Luther Vandross. Other's claim a chef at Mulligan's, a bar in Decatur, Georgia, invented the delicacy when he ran out of hamburger buns.

    17. It doesn't get better than this.

    Facebook: DougieDogHotDogs

    This one's from here.

    18. Dessert: Grilled Donuts with Espresso Sauce

    You read that right. Donuts. On the grill. Look at those sexy grillmarks. What are you waiting for?? Get the recipe here.

    19. Donut-Cupcake-Donut

    20. Cocktail Hour: The Drunken Donut

    Vodka. Coffee. Creamer. Donut. Full recipe here.

    21. Jam Donut Shot

    It's a donut. In a glass. Recipe here.

    22. Single Malt Donuts

    Get drunk on donuts. Recipe here.

    23. Powdered Sugar Cocktail

    Yes, please. Recipe here.

    24. Edible Donut Shot

    Nothing else matters. Go here right now.

    Donuts FTW!