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    8 Simple Tips To Prevent Losing Your Luggage

    Never be stranded without underwear on vacation again.

    Charles Wiriawan / Charlotte Gomez

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    1. Get a bag that doesn't look just like everyone else's.

    Sure, black luggage is chic or whatever. But when it looks the same as every other piece it will be a pain in the ass to find at the carousel. Opt for something more brightly colored, instead. Or something that's totally customized.

    2. Use a Tile to turn any bag into a Bluetooth-enabled smart bag.

    Just throw one of these smart tiles into your bag and you'll be able to track wherever it is using the app. Get one for $24.97 or a 4-pack for $64.99.

    3. If you already have luggage, get a colorful strap or spandex luggage cover to distinguish your bag from the rest.,

    Get the straps here for $9.99 and the cover here for $17.99.

    *No dogs were harmed in the making of these covers.

    4. Remove all old airline tags before you add a new one.

    Oliver Dunkley / Via Flickr: oliverjd

    Older tags might be confused for your current destination. Make sure the newest tag is the only one on the bag. And always double check the airport code that's on the new tag to make sure it's correct.

    5. If you're checking your bag, make sure to check it in the right time frame.

    Alex Craig / Flickr: alexcraig

    Too early and it might get stashed and forgotten about. Too late and it might not make the plane. And while most airlines accept bags up until the last minute, they also aren't responsible for getting your bag to you if it misses the flight because it was checked outside of their recommended time window.

    6. Take pictures of the inside and outside of your bag.

    Jen Collins / Flickr: jenosaur

    That way if it DOES get lost or misplaced, you'll have an easy reference for the airline when they're trying to locate it.

    7. Book with airlines that have good baggage handling records.

    While totally lost baggage is rare, some airlines have better records than others. According to the most recent Department of Transportation report, Virgin America has the best record with 1.05 reports of lost baggage per 1,000 customers.

    8. Opt to ship your luggage instead of checking it.

    For large or especially heavy bags, this can be a much cheaper and more convenient option than checking. You can use regular shipping methods with tracking, or a service like Luggage Forward which arranges the whole thing for you.

    Good luck!

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