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How Obsessed With Disney Are You?

It's not just a place, it's a way of life. Disnerds unite!

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    Been to Magic Kingdom?
    Been to EPCOT?
    Been to Hollywood Studios?
    Been to Hollywood Studios when it was still called MGM Studios?
    Been to Animal Kingdom?
    Been to Disneyland?
    Figured out the difference between Disney World and Disneyland?
    Been to California Adventure?
    Been to Disneyland Paris?
    Been to Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris?
    Been to Tokyo Disneyland?
    Been to Tokyo Seas?
    Been to Hong Kong Disneyland?
    Been on a Disney Cruise?
    Been to a Disney water park?
    Taken a photo with a Disney character?
    Looked for or found a Hidden Mickey?
    Used a Disney character as your avatar?
    Had a Disney picture as your phone or Desktop background?
    Randomly started singing a Disney song out loud?
    Participated in the Disney college program?
    Watched the Disney Channel?
    Watched a Disney Channel Original Movie?
    Watched a Disney Channel Original Movie and liked it?
    Written on a Disney message board?
    Made a Disney montage YouTube video?
    Visited a Disney blog or website?
    Started a Disney blog or website?
    Had a Disney autograph book?
    Gotten a Disney autograph book totally filled?
    Purchased a mouse ears hat?
    Actually worn a mouse ears hat?
    Worn a mouse ears hat outside of a Disney park?
    Had/will you have a Disney-themed wedding?
    Know all the words to a Disney song?
    Know all the words to more than one Disney song?
    Ordered a Disney-related item on Etsy?
    Dressed up as a Disney character for Halloween?
    Worn Disney-related clothes on the reg?
    Been to a Disney-themed party?
    Thrown a Disney-themed party?
    Played a Disney video game?
    Seen the Steamboat Willie cartoon?
    Seen "Snow White"?
    Seen "Pinocchio"?
    Seen "Fantasia"?
    Seen "Dumbo"?
    Seen "Dumbo 2"?
    Seen "The Three Caballeros"?
    Seen "Cinderella"?
    Seen "Alice in Wonderland"?
    Seen "Bambi"?
    Seen "Bambi 2"?
    Seen "Peter Pan"?
    Seen "Lady and the Tramp"?
    Seen "Sleeping Beauty"?
    Seen "101 Dalmations"?
    Seen the "live-action 101 Dalmatians"?
    Seen the "Sword in the Stone"?
    Seen "The Jungle Book"?
    Seen "Robin Hood"?
    Seen "The Rescuers"?
    Seen "The Fox and the Hound"?
    Seen "The Brave Little Toaster"?
    Seen "The Little Mermaid"?
    Seen "The Little Mermaid 2"?
    Seen "Beauty and the Beast"?
    Seen "Aladdin"?
    Seen "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
    Seen "The Lion King"?
    Seen "A Goofy Movie"?
    Seen "Pocahontas"?
    Seen "Pocahontas 2"?
    Seen "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"?
    Seen "Toy Story"?
    Seen all the "Toy Story" movies (1,2 and 3)?
    Seen "Hercules"?
    Seen "Finding Nemo"?
    Tried to speak whale?
    Seen "Tarzan"?
    Seen "National Treasure: Book of Secrets"?
    Seen "Monsters, Inc."?
    Seen "Monsters University"?
    Seen "Spirited Away"?
    Seen "Tangled"?
    Released a sky lantern after watching "Tangled"?
    Seen "Ponyo"?
    Seen "The Princess and the Frog"?
    Seen "Tales from Earthsea"?
    Seen "Up"?
    Seen "Frozen"?
    Been to the "Frozen" sing-along?
    Figured out which of these movie sequels doesn't really exist?
    Seen a Disney movie in the theater?
    Seen a Disney movie in the theater as an adult?
    Seen a Disney movie in the theater as an adult without children?
    Seen the same Disney movie in the theater more than once?
    Bought any Disney movies on DVD?
    Kept any Disney movies on VHS tapes?
    Cried at a Disney movie?
    Taken another Disney quiz on BuzzFeed?
    Read Disney fanfic?
    Written Disney fanfic?
    Corrected someone who misstated a Disney fact?
    Started a Disney Pinterest board?
    Seen a Disney Broadway show?
    Received Disney memorabilia as a gift?
    Given Disney memorabilia as a gift?
    Quoted a Disney movie in a non-Disney related conversation?
    Had someone send you a Disney-related link ?
    Had more than one person send you the same Disney-related link?
    Sent someone a Disney-related link?
    Named a pet after a Disney character?
    Decorated your house with Disney items?
    Learned Mickey Mouse’s full name?
    Painted a room in your house with Disney paint from Home Depot?
    Sang a Disney song at karaoke?
    Been excited when something was coming out of the vault?
    Purchased Disney-themed appliances (toaster, blender, etc.)?
    Gotten a Disney tattoo?

How Obsessed With Disney Are You?

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