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    Take The BuzzFeed Five-Day Inbox Cleanse And Stop Hating Your Email

    It's not about "Inbox Zero" — it's about "Inbox Chill."

    Between your work and your personal life, it's no wonder that your email inbox always seems to be full.

    Here's the schedule:

    Let's get started!

    DAY 1: Learn How to Batch-Task

    Day 2: Unsubscribe Day

    Day 3: Get to Know Your Archive, Mute, and Label Buttons

    Day 4: Think of Email as a To-Do List

    Day 5: Send Better Email

    Here are 5 best practices for sending better email:

    1. Use better subject lines:

    Be informative and precise. If it's not good enough, if it doesn't communicate exactly what you express to say when you want to express it, they might just walk away forever.

    2. Keep it short to make a statement:

    If your boss forwards you an email with one note — "?" — you're going to get to it a lot faster than if they write a whole paragraph. Use this tool wisely. Try keeping every email to <150 words.

    3. Respond with declarations, not questions:

    If someone asks you "What time should we meet?" answer with "Let's talk again on Monday at 4 p.m." instead of asking if several times work. You'll eliminate at least one round of back and forth.

    4. If you have to ask a question, be specific, not open-ended:

    Sending an email that says "What do you guys think?" leaves it open for people to dally and dawdle. "Do you want to have the conference on a weekday or a weekend?" is simple and the recipient will likely know the answer sooner.

    5. Don't sweat the full inbox.
    "I answer most emails in a timely fashion, but sometimes I let certain nonurgent notes sit for days, even weeks, before I attend to them, because 'clearing my inbox' just for the sake of clearing it is...just not my top priority," said Franzen. She thinks of it this way: "I'm not 'behind' on my emails. I'm 'ahead' on my life."

    For more, check out this post on how to send AND receive better email.

    You did it!