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26 Borderline Genius Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into Anything

Is there booze in your ponytail, or are you just happy to see me?

1. Hide a bottle inside your ponytail.

2. Make a soda-can sleeve to go over your beer.

See how here.

3. Get these stash briefs to hide your bottle boner.

Get them here.

4. Make a beerito.

Hold the guac.

5. Fill your tie with a little nip.

For all those important meetings. Get it here.

6. Get these sneaky binoculars.

No wonder grandma loves birdwatching so much. Get them here.

7. Turn a baby doll into a secret flask.

Learn how here.

8. Get these caps to make your booze-filled water bottle look factory-sealed.

Available here.

9. Get this baseball glove with a hidden pouch.

Available here.

10. Turn your rack into a wine rack.

Get it here.

11. Inject your strawberries with booze.

Make every picnic a great picnic. See how here.

12. ...or your oranges.

13. ...or your grapes.

Double wine! Instructions here.

14. Stock up on tampon flasks.

Just don't mix them up with the regular ones...

Get them here.

15. Get these aptly named Shampbooze bottles, complete with "seal."

For the truly committed smuggler. Get them here.

16. Fill your hairbrush with hooch.

Bonus: still works as an actual hairbrush for that hangover frizz. Get it here.

17. Get this fancy golf club.

Your caddy can also be your bartender. Get it here.

18. Slip a flask into your stadium seat.

Just cut a hole in the cushion. Or buy this one here.

19. Soak your gummy bears in vodka.

Though you'll still have to sneak these into the movie. Instructions here.

20. Get this umbrella with a secret.

The secret is whiskey. It's always whiskey. Get it here.

21. Bring this special sunscreen.

SPF 30 (proof). Get it here.

22. Get this bev bag that holds a whole bottle.

Available here.

23. Bring an "ice pack" that's actually filled with booze.

Get it here.

24. Get one of these water bottles and refill with...not water.

Available here. And also at a store near you.

25. Go the Canadian route and BYO syrup.

Pro tip: Whiskey + maple syrup is a delicious concoction.

26. Turn your Capri Sun into a Capri Fun.

John Gara / BuzzFeed

Fun = tequila. Directions here.

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