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    Get Your Zucchini Out: The Internet's Favorite Spiralizer Is On Sale For Prime Day

    And the new folding model is even better than the last!

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    There are a lot of deals on Amazon Prime and all over the internet today, but if you're like: ok, I want to spend less than $20 and I would like to improve my life in several measurable ways, all you need is this spiralizer!!!!!

    If you don't know what a spiralizer is, take a sec and try to remember if you've ever heard the words "zoodle" or "curly fry." If so, please read on.

    If not, go here for some more info.

    For those who are living and eating in 2018, welcome. If you've ever used a hand-held spiralizer, your wrists and forearms probably haven't forgiven you yet.

    That shit is not fun and that is why you need this version with a grown-ass stand and four thirsty suction cups.

    The standard model was also on sale last year, but this year they've added a FOLDING version, with four blades that store right inside the base of the gadget itself.

    A true innovation!!!!

    To say this Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-blade Spiralizer is well-reviewed would be one hell of an understatement.

    This one has been featured by Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, House Beautiful, Oprah Magazine, Food Network, Cook's Illustrated, America's Test Kitchen, and also now the most important food site of all,* BuzzFeed dot com.


    And these models have a collective TEN THOUSAND + AMAZON REVIEWS!!!!!!!

    If we assume less than 5% of people who purchase a product leave a review, also this means it has been purchased on Amazon like 200,000 times.

    See all the reviews here.

    There are 69% 5-star reviews (which we can all agree is *niiice*)!!!

    And it gets an A-rating on Fakespot, which checks to make sure Amazon reviews are legit.

    Sure, some people prefer other models, and some people seem to have received a version that broke, but there are also WAY more very happy spiroolis stanning for this brand than for any other.

    For instance, this person:

    "Spirooli, Oh Spirooli. You are the best kitchen gadget (pertaining to hard cell-walled vegetables) of all time. No joke.

    Here are some tips to blatantly counteract the previous less than favorable reviews and complaints about your stellar awesomeness:

    1-"Waaaa- It stains too easily" Um...yeah...if you make delicious curly sweet potato fries and go watch CMT for the rest of the afternoon of course the natural dyes are going to stain the device. It's plastic for goodness sake. Clean the tines with a toothbrush and some baking soda within a reasonable timeframe and you will be relatively stain free & much more sanitary.

    2-"Booo-The suction cups on the feet dont work" Stop lying-they totally do. My question to you sherlock, do you have the totally rad spirooli on a non-porous surface? Go ahead and check it out. Do ya? I bet you dont! Because my little guy sticks to my counter like no one's business.

    3-"Bleeehhh-Its hard to clean" Whoa. Im guessing that you dont have knives in your house either--for they must also be hard to clean. Respect the blades, and no one gets hurt. (...That's What Edward Scissorhands Said) Use the toothbrush or grab your vegetable cleaning brush. Ew-you dont have a vegetable cleaning brush? how did you scrub yr potato?

    4-"Weeeeeeep- Its cheap plastic" Dude- if this thing were made of metal, it would be at least $200. Do you have that available in yr disposable income for the luxury of making vegetable spaghetti? Neither do I. We should be thankful the thing isn't made of cardboard for the low low price of 3 Hamiltons. Disclaimer: I would gladly pay two bills for an adamantium spirooli.

    5-"OMG! there is a 3/4" core that I HAVE to waste?!?" Just because there is a byproduct of the mounds and mounds of luscious ribbons doesnt mean that you absolutely have to automatically toss it into the compost heap. Instead, I think you should: use the cores for dipping in delicious dip or freeze them to make a yummy vegetable stock in the near future or slice them with a vegetable peeler and then cut them into similar(be it smaller)ribbons or cut them into chips and play poker or give them to the local wildlife. The possibilities are endless. Also, some people have barred carrots because of the 'waste'. My suggestion is to go to your local quality proprietor of carrots and pick up a mama-jama sized carrots. Just today, I was in Whole Foods and I saw carrots the size of a cucumbers.

    One last thing- do yourself a favor and get a dehydrator to go with this. You will be grateful you did."

    K Beard

    If that hasn't convinces you, THIS THING IS ON SALE TODAY FOR PRIME DAYYYYYY!!!!!! / BF

    20% off while supplies lasts, meaning you can get the standing model for $16.99 and the folding one for $17.59

    Ok, so once you buy this spiralizer, there are so many tasty and healthy ways to use it...

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Here are 21 clever ways to start.

    You can also make low-carb dinners, gluten-free or veggie pastas, breads, fruit crumbles, muffins and so much more.

    Also, as per earlier mention, YOU CAN MAKE CURLY FRIES WITH THIS THING.


    You can also make a healthy-ish baked version!!

    Literally if you're still reading and haven't purchased this yet, idk what to say.

    You could even make a ball of crispy fried potatos like this guy did, which sounds weirdly good!!

    Put it on pasta, put it in a sandwich, put it directly into your mouth, live your life!

    Watch him do it here.

    No go out and zoodle yourself!