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    22 Beach Products You Absolutely Need This Summer

    Bye. Moving to the beach forever.

    1. This Amazing Tent

    2. This Giant Beer Pong Game

    3. These Hardcore Sand Diggers

    4. This Insane Beach Ball

    5. This Curvy Chair

    6. This Amazing Beach Towel

    7. This Remote-Controlled Drink Butler

    8. This Cooler That is Actually Xtreme

    9. This Umbrella That's Basically a Tent

    10. This Sand-Proof Drink Holder

    11. These Metal Detecting Sandals

    12. This Inflatable Sumo Tube

    Body boards can't even compete. Get one here.

    13. This Inflatable Volleyball Court

    14. This Solar Charger

    15. This Inflatable Radio Pillow

    16. This Wine Tote

    17. This (literally) Chill Beverage Bag

    18. This DIY Beach Chair

    Just stick it in the sand. Get one here.

    19. This Amazing Beach Bag

    20. This Questionable Storage Pillow

    21. This Clearly Cool iPad Bag

    22. A Fitted Sheet