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    215 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Literally Everyone

    It's never too late to give something great!

    Still haven't finished your shopping just yet?

    Here are plenty of great gifts you can still get!

    Need a food-related gift and have Amazon Prime?

    We've got you covered. You still have some time.

    Do you live near a Target but still need to shop?

    We found the best things, guaranteed not to flop.

    Need a last-minute present for someone you hate?

    We've got something for that. It's never to late.

    Want a gift that looks fancy, but don't have the cash?

    These DIY presents are cheap and they're fast.

    Do you have a gift card, but no way to wrap it?

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    These ideas are perfect for that, we'll admit.

    Want a nice homemade gift, but don't have much time?

    Jen Carriero/Kollabora / Via

    You still have some days before the Christmas bells chime.

    Need something thoughtful, and need it right now?

    We have something for that. Don't have a cow.

    Want a nice homemade gift, but don't have much skill?

    Phoodie / Via

    These food gifts are easy and certain to thrill!

    Need a cute and fast gift for everyone in your squad?

    Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed

    These are cheap and they're cute and your group will be awed.

    Are you at the airport and still have no gift? /

    We've even got something for that, you spendthrift.

    Already Christmas Eve and you're still in a bind?

    These subscription gifts will save your behind.


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