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    68 Totally Free Date Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Try

    My love don't cost a thing

    1. Attempt to set a Guinness World Record.

    2. Get lost, on purpose.

    3. Answer this New York Times questionnaire that might make you fall in love.

    4. Take a free class at your library or community center in something neither of you are good at.

    5. Feed ducks at your local park. Give them names and try to remember them later.

    6. Play farmers market ABCs: See who can find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet first. Try lots of free samples.

    7. Go to a free night at a local museum.

    8. Make a museum scavenger hunt.

    9. Volunteer at The Humane Society. Leave your money at home to avoid "accidentally" coming home with three new pets.

    10. Have an at-home movie theater night. Make fancy popcorn and homemade Icees.

    11. Play strip chess.

    12. If you're not ~there~ yet (or have children nearby), play the opposite of strip chess — each time you lose, put ON an article of clothing until you can barely move.

    13. Have a sand castle-building contest. Get strangers to vote.

    14. Play people-watching bingo in the busiest place you know.

    15. Make a DIY kite to fly at the beach or park.

    16. Get dressed up and go on tours of expensive homes for sale in your neighborhood.

    17. Build a blanket fort. Spend the whole night there.

    18. Have an at-home karaoke night. Pick songs for each other instead of yourselves.

    19. Go ghost hunting.

    20. Play strip Cards Against Humanity.

    21. Make your own custom Cards Against Humanity deck.

    22. Invent new constellations named after inside jokes.

    23. Then make one of these.

    24. Learn to give great massages.

    25. Run through the sprinklers or jump in a fountain (Warning: The latter is illegal in many places. Make it quick.)

    26. Play Snapchat hide-and-seek.

    27. Have a library or bookstore scavenger hunt.

    28. Have an impromptu yard sale.

    29. Have an eBay contest: List similar items and see who can make the most money with their description and sales skills. (Then actually mail the item.)

    30. Make a relationship time capsule.

    31. Go on a tour of your local Masonic Lodge, then watch National Treasure.

    32. Try geocaching.

    33. Have an entire meal of Costco samples.

    34. Swap to-do lists.

    35. Take a free DIY class at Home Depot or Lowe's.

    36. Get free paint chips and make a pixelated mural.

    37. Play six degrees of Wikipedia.

    38. Play dirty Truth or Dare.

    39. Test drive your dream car.

    40. Have a Chopped competition to see who can make the best dish out of whatever you already have in the fridge.

    41. Make homemade slingshots. Then have a marshmallow fight.

    42. Take your laptop somewhere and have a DIY outdoor movie screening.

    43. Have a sweepstakes night where you both enter as many free sweepstakes as you can find.

    44. Play strip Scrabble.

    45. Play nonsense Scrabble, where you play using fake words and have to make up definitions for them.

    46. Make a dictionary of your fake words to use later.

    47. Follow YouTube videos to learn cooking skills that neither of you know: how to make crepes, how to poach an egg, etc.

    48. Offer to babysit or petsit for a friend.

    49. Create a new holiday. Have rules, traditions, and meals. Mark the day and celebrate it every year.

    50. Pick a random place and plan a whole detailed vacation.

    51. Go on a "fakecation" and post the pictures to Facebook.

    52. Invent your own fantasy league (i.e., Masterchef Junior fantasy league. )

    53. Make your own glamour shots studio. Pick each other's outfits. Don't forget Vaseline on the lens.

    54. Have a Walmart adventure.

    55. Actually finish an entire Monopoly game.

    56 Record the story of how you met for posterity à la When Harry Met Sally.

    57. Write an Exquisite Corpse story or poem.

    58. Read your poem at a local coffee shop open mic night.

    59. Make a game of love on your sheets.

    60. Have a TV marathon that doubles as a workout session.

    61. Make out. For a really long time. Preferably in a blanket fort.

    62. Go yarn bombing.

    63. Or eye bombing. If you don't have googly eyes, use paper cutouts.

    64. Play a horror film drinking game.

    65. Have a Jim vs. Dwight prank contest.

    66. Pretend to be tourists in the next town over from yours. Break out the fanny pack.

    67. Learn a magic trick together.

    68. Find a dog that looks like everyone you know.