36 Ultra-Glamorous Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

    Two is better than one.

    1. This Amazingly Unexpected Combo

    2. Olivia Palermo's Sweater & Tulle Skirt Combo

    3. This Sleek Tailored Brocade Set

    Available here.

    4. This Glamorous High-Low Combo

    5. This Oh-So-Sheer Crop Top Set

    6. This Vintage-Inspired Match

    Available here.

    7. This J. Crew Tulle Skirt & Tee Combo

    Take your City Hall wedding up a notch. See it here.

    8. This Ethereally Draped Set

    9. This Scalloped Top

    Available here.

    10. This Long-Sleeved Combo

    11. This Ballerina-Style Lace-Up Pair

    From Cortana.

    12. This Sleek Art-Deco Set

    13. This Open-Back Version

    14. This Double Lace Duo

    15. This Classic Tea-Length Lace Set

    16. This Belted Version

    17. This Side-Button Beauty

    18. This Cute Collared Combo

    19. This Subtle Sequined Number

    20. This Rocker-Chic Crop Top Pairing

    21. This Sexy Strappy Set

    22. This Cut Out Back Pairing

    Available here.

    23. This Delicate Duo

    24. This Boho Crop Top Version

    25. This Ribbon-Laced Skirt Pair

    From J. Crew.

    26. This Lovely Pencil Skirt Set

    27. This Simple Sihlouette

    28. This Strapless Combo

    29. This Vintage-Hollywood-Inspired Set

    30. This Racer Front Pairing

    See it here.

    31. This Italian Lace Crop Top Set

    32. This Vintage Lace Top Paired With a Silk Skirt

    33. This Adorable Crop Top Version

    34. This Full Skirt with a Hint of Blue

    35. This Cute Collared Look

    Available here.

    36. This Romantic Off-the-Shoulder Set