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36 Little Things That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

A little change can make a big difference.

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4. Put fun (and funny) things on your to-do list.

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It will make your impending tasks seem less tedious and also ensure that you make time in your busy schedule for a little fun. Plus, who doesn’t love crossing one more thing off their list when they are done?


9. Use a nonsense word for all your security questions.

No one can prove that your Mom’s maiden name, your first pet, and the street you grew up on weren’t all “Snaggle Bread.” It’s a lot easier to remember one random phrase than which street and which capitalization you used.


12. Have money transferred directly into your savings from your paycheck.

Even if it’s just $20 at a time, it adds up. And then you won’t have to worry about making the conscious decision to forgo that night out to save money.


16. Put something you like on your wall.

Either in your bedroom or at your desk, just find an image or a postcard or anything that makes you happy to look at. It doesn’t have to be fancy or even framed, just stick it up and improve your day.

18. Find something you like in every room.

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When you go into a space, whether it’s somewhere you go every day or somewhere you’ve never been, find at least one thing that you like, something that is pretty or useful or funny.

19. Do one of your favorite childhood activities.

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Get some friends to play a board game with you. Recall the days when you didn’t have anything better to do than play freeze tag. If you’re feeling brave, you could even turn it into a drinking game.


22. Take a different route.

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Whether you’re walking or driving, try taking a different route to get to work or home. It will make you feel like things aren’t so stagnant, and it’s also been shown to improve memory and brain function.


25. Organize something.

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A drawer, your medicine cabinet, your purse. If you get in the habit of cleaning out one small thing a day, your whole life will be organized before you know it.


32. Drink water as soon as you wake up.

After sleeping your body is almost always dehydrated and it only gets worse as the day goes on. Starting your day with water even before coffee can also improve skin, mood, and health.

33. Ask someone you respect out for coffee.

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It doesn’t need to be someone you have a formal mentor relationship with, just anyone whose life or career or energy you admire. Don’t ask them for a job, just talk. Ask them about themselves. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from a casual conversation.

35. Always leave a tip.

Unless it's your mom, the person pouring your coffee isn't doing it just because they love you. Even if you’re just getting coffee or takeout, it’s a good habit to leave a little something.