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36 Little Things That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

A little change can make a big difference.

1. Keep your keys and your wallet in the shoes you'll wear the next day.

2. Or, just buy this rug:

3. Put a treat on your actual grocery list.

4. Put fun (and funny) things on your to-do list.

5. Keep a running "Ta-Da" list of things you've accomplished.

6. Grate butter onto your toast instead of spreading it.

7. Buy a sponge holder.

8. Wrap your headphones in a figure eight so they won’t get tangled in your pocket or bag.

9. Use a nonsense word for all your security questions.

10. Leave $10 in your coat pocket and forget about it.

11. Keep a roll of quarters in your glove compartment.

12. Have money transferred directly into your savings from your paycheck.

13. Before you get in a taxi, take a picture of the license plate.

14. Keep scissors in every room.

15. Exercise right before a date or an important interview.

16. Put something you like on your wall.

17. Change your sheets.

18. Find something you like in every room.

19. Do one of your favorite childhood activities.

20. Read a book.

21. Know the length of your hand so you can measure just about anything.

22. Take a different route.

23. Write something.

24. Buy someone a gift for no reason.

25. Organize something.

26. Color code your keys with nail polish.

27. Color code the top of your notebooks with highlighter.

28. Instead of scrubbing dirty pots, boil them with soap and water.

29. Put a puppy pad in the bottom of your trashcan under the bag.

30. Use at least three words in a text message.

31. Walk with your toes pointed up in the dark so you don't stub them.

32. Drink water as soon as you wake up.

33. Ask someone you respect out for coffee.

34. Get eight hours of sleep (or more!)

35. Always leave a tip.

36. Put your clothes on right out of the dryer.

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