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33 Magical Disney Decorations You Need In Your Life

Bring the magic of Disney home with you.

1. An important reminder.

Get it here.

2. This storage unit that's also a hidden Mickey.

Get it here.

3. A quote from wonderland.

Get the poster here.

4. An antique dinglehopper.

For your table or for your hair.

Get it here.

5. This enamel mug.

Available here.

6. A jar with thoughts to help you fly.

See how to make one here.

7. This shameful mug.

Get it here.

8. These stair quotes.

Cristi Bastian / Instagram: @hiyapapayamommy / Via

DIY them with paint or get custom vinyl stickers made here.

9. This cosmic plate.

Available here.

10. This dreamy pillow.

Get it here.

11. Some easy (flame-free) lanterns.

Watch the instructional video here.

12. This ghoulish sign.

Get it here.

13. These walking stones for your garden.

14. These classy serving plates.

Get them here.

15. These official Enchanted Tiki Room pillows.

Perfect for your tiki room. Or, you know, anywhere. Get them here.

16. A DIY way to show off all your pins.

See how to make them here.

17. This pillow.

Also available as a clock, here.

18. This Baymax lamp

19. These salt and pepper shakers that look like Disney Park trashcans.

Who knows why they exists, but you should have them. Available here.

20. A devious decal.

Get one here.

21. These minimalist movie color palette posters.

22. This worry-free welcome mat.

Hakuma MAT-ata.

Get it here.

23. This magical sign.

Get it here.

24. An accurate measuring chart.

Digital download available here.

25. A whimsical weather vane.

Get them here.

26. This important address.

Get it here.

27. These fairy tale pillow cases.

Get them here.

28. Or these more accurate ones.

Get them here.

29. A souvenir tray.

The better to serve you with, my dear.

Get it here.

30. These stained glass candles.

Get them here.

31. This important mantra.

Available here.

32. This Mickey toaster.

Put a little magic in your morning. Get it here.

33. This simple light upgrade.

Perfect for a reading nook. See how here.

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