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32 Reasons Why Iceland Is The Best Country Ever

Reindeer, northern lights, zero crime, and cheese for breakfast.

1. Iceland is the fourth happiest country in the world.

2. And their literacy rate is 99%.

3. Iceland publishes more books per capita than any other country.

4. This is the best Christmas Eve tradition ever.

I want to be in Iceland...#christmasfacts

5. During the summer, the sun basically never sets.

6. And this is a typical night view during November and December.

7. Seriously, look at this.

8. Iceland banned strip clubs in 2010--not because they are conservative but because they are ultra-feminist.

9. It was the first country to elect a female president.

10. The houses look like this.

11. When it gets too cold outside you can just hop into one of these hot springs.

12. Most Icelanders don't have last names.

13. The arctic fox is the only native mammal.

14. But actual reindeer were imported in the 18th century and their descendants still live there today.

15. And THIS is what their horses look like.

16. The Icelandic version of yogurt, Skyr, is actually cheese.

17. Icelandic cuisine has a special sauce for everything.

18. They even have special kinds of mustard for sandwiches and fries and hot dogs.

19. There is no McDonald's in Iceland.

20. But there is a KFC that looks like this.

21. Iceland is the most web-savvy country in the world

22. Most Icelanders believe in Elves and Trolls and other mythical creatures.

23. Sometimes they even build roads around places where elves are said to live.

24. Björk should be everyone's national treasure.

25. Iceland has over 200 volcanoes.

26. There is virtually no violent crime.

27. The former mayor of Reykjavik (Iceland's capital and only city) was a punk rock taxi-driving comedian.

28. He also has pretty strong liberal opinions.

29. They plant more trees per capita than any other country.

30. These two go there on vacation.

31. There is a penis museum in Reykjavik.

32. There are ZERO mosquitos.