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32 Reasons Why Iceland Is The Best Country Ever

Reindeer, northern lights, zero crime, and cheese for breakfast.

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4. This is the best Christmas Eve tradition ever.

I want to be in Iceland...#christmasfacts


10. The houses look like this.

11. When it gets too cold outside you can just hop into one of these hot springs.

22. Most Icelanders believe in Elves and Trolls and other mythical creatures.

And they even build these tiny adorable houses for them.


24. Björk should be everyone's national treasure.

Before she became an international sensation, the Icelandic singer was in a gothic anarcho-punk band called KUKL. KUKL, which means "witchcraft" in ancient Icelandic.

27. The former mayor of Reykjavik (Iceland's capital and only city) was a punk rock taxi-driving comedian.

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Jon Gnarr, elected in 2009, created "The Best Party" to mock the other secretly corrupt political parties in the country. They openly admitted that all their party promises couldn't be kept, including free towels in all swimming pools, a new Disneyland, a drug-free Parliament by 2020 and a polar bear for the Reykjavík zoo.