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    28 Things All Girls With Big Feet Will Understand


    1. When a guy has big feet, he gets to make jokes about it...

    2. ...but when a girl has big feet, she's doomed.

    3. You go to your favorite shoe store hoping that maybe *this* time they'll have your size.

    4. But, no.

    5. Never.

    6. Even when you shop online, bigger sizes are considered "Special Sizes."

    7. You hate going to fancy shoe stores because you know the jokes are coming.

    8. You have literally tripped over your own feet.

    9. This scene is way too familiar.

    10. This truth bomb hits close to home.

    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks.........except for me because they actually have normal shoe sizes #BigFeetProblems

    11. You look at girls with tiny dainty feet and imagine what it's like.

    12. When you wear red shoes, you feel like an actual clown.

    I can't wear red shoes cuz the clowns get jealous #BigFeetProblems

    13. Any bright colored shoes end up looking cartoonishly big.

    14. The ankles on big shoes are always stupidly wide.

    15. No one seems to understand that not all women's feet are the same width.

    Buying men's shoes cause no one makes wide shoes for women #bigfeetproblems

    16. Packing is the worst because shoes take up your whole bag.

    17. You can never borrow shoes from anyone.

    18. Except all your guy friends.

    19. One size sock does NOT fit all.

    20. Sandals are a real problem.

    21. And forget about trying to find vintage shoes that fit.

    22. Footie Pajamas are definitely not an option.

    23. You've had toe clevage since before it was a thing.

    24. It's like everything was designed to remind you how big your feet are.

    25. When a store actually has your size, this is how it looks to everyone else.

    26. But at least you know you'd be good at barefoot skiiing.

    27. And when you stand on your tiptoes you're a whole foot taller.

    28. And, you're in very good company.