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    26 Desktop Backgrounds That Will Make You Not Hate Working

    Serenity comes from within (the computer).

    1. Oooh, yes. This is nice.

    2. Mmmm. Calm. Quiet.

    3. Even quieter. *whispers: hello, Europe.*

    4. This, my friend, is true.

    5. Go to there, every day.

    6. This is what you need to hear.

    7. Right as rain.

    8. Words to live by...

    9. Easy on the eyes.

    10. Tell me again.

    11. You can almost hear the solitude.

    12. You can only go up from there.

    13. *Swooosh*

    14. You said it.

    15. Lovely little lens flare.

    16. Summer? Is that you?

    17. The window to the soul.

    18. No grit, no pearl.

    19. Get a little zen.

    20. Follow the horizon.

    21. Fern forest.

    22. Good design is so comforting.

    23. The sun is always rising.

    24. All you ever need to see.

    25. Take time to reflect.

    26. Perfect daydream fodder.