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    24 Hilarious Divorce Cakes That Are Even Better Than Wedding Cakes

    Have your divorce and eat it too.

    1. A steampunk wedding means a steampunk divorce.

    2. This intricate design is basically an edible settlement agreement.

    3. Though not edible, this one was made from actual divorce papers.

    Flickr: ktyazoo

    Pretty crafty.

    4. Rats, anyone?

    5. The heart is a lonely island.

    6. Well that's one way of making amends.

    7. Draw!

    8. Melancholy, but very intricate.

    9. Bury the ring, once and for all.

    Just be careful not to swallow it.

    10. Has anybody seen Ken?

    11. One ring to rule them all.

    12. Clear. Concise. Confirmed.

    13. Is that how the saying goes?

    14. Misandrist alert.

    15. She doesn't look very sorry about it.

    16. That is one large pan.

    17. This one focuses on the positive aspects of being single.

    18. Freedom isn't free.

    (Neither is Divorce.)

    19. Cake first, then tattoo.

    Retro Bakery /

    20. Aww, this one is actually kind of cute!

    ~Who's a grumpy little divorce cake?~

    21. Enough said.

    22. Have you ever seen poop made out of icing? least we think it's icing.