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23 Medicine Cabinets That Are More Organized Than You

Shelfie game on point.

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1. This cabinet is so put-together, it probably flosses twice a day.

2. This one is definitely maxing out its 401k.

3. This cabinet takes vitamins on the reg.

4. This cabinet scheduled an automatic deposit to its savings account.

5. This one just scheduled a dentist appointment six months in advance.

6. This cabinet organizes receipts in more than one pile.

7. This cabinet never leaves things in its pants pockets and then washes them.

8. This cabinet knows what a deductible is.

9. This one has different laundry bags for colored clothes and white ones.

10. This cabinet puts on sunscreen every single day.

11. This cabinet knows how to fold a fitted sheet.

12. This cabinet uses a separate towel for its butt and its face.

13. This one never presses snooze.

14. This one just got renters insurance.

15. This one buys a bottle of wine and doesn't drink it all that night.

16. This cabinet has a subscription to Reader's Digest.

17. This one only buys the good toilet paper.

18. This one makes its bed every single day.

19. This cabinet has never accidentally hit "reply-all."

20. This one just got back from a morning run.

21. This cabinet regularly washes its bath mat.

22. This cabinet thinks fruit is an acceptable dessert.

23. This cabinet probably reads BuzzFeed for the articles.