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    22 Amazing DIY House Plants That Will Never Ever Die

    Don't have a green thumb? No worries! That sounds like a weird disease anyway!

    1. Paper Succulent

    2. Felt Succulents

    3. Tissue Paper Branches

    4. Staghorn Ferns

    5. Dried Flower Wall Hangings

    6. Immortal Spiral Paper Rose Plant

    7. Faux Dirt Centerpiece

    8. Imitation Bonsai Tree

    9. Wooden Houseplant Sculptures

    10. Topiaries

    11. Crocheted Plant

    12. Paper Potted Plants

    This tutorial (in Spanish) shows you how to make the tiniest cutest paper potted plants ever.

    13. Tropical Plant

    14. Cupcake Plants

    15. Printed Paper Plant

    16. Fabric Scrap Cacti

    17. Printable Planter

    18. Printable Bamboo

    Or get lucky with some printable bamboo. Available here.

    19. Paper Orchids

    20. Embroidered Pin Cushion Cactus

    21. Faux Fern

    22. CUSTOM NOMS.