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    21 Movies That Will Get You Through A Breakup

    Let the binge-healing begin.

    1. "High Fidelity," to remind you why relationships suck.

    2. "Battle Royale," because watching a bunch of teens kill each other might sort out your anger.

    3. "Wuthering Heights," where everyone feels just as miserable as you.

    4. "Kill Bill," because sometimes you just want heads to roll.

    5. "Beaches," to help you get your cry on.

    6. "Heathers," to remind you how satisfying it is to end a toxic relationship.

    7. "John Tucker Must Die," because of the title alone.

    8. "Inland Empire," so your own life will seem normal in comparison.

    9. "The First Wives Club," to remind you that the best revenge is really good revenge.

    10. "Under the Tuscan Sun," because the other best revenge is buying an Italian villa.

    11. "Broadcast News," to remind you that literally everyone is the worst.

    12. "The Holiday," to remind you that breaking up at the holidays could be the most festive thing you'll ever do.

    13. "The Break-up," for some ironic comic relief.

    14. "Eternal Sunshine," to remind you why you wouldn't actually want to erase all your memories.

    15. "Celeste and Jesse Forever," to remind you why you were friends in the first place.

    16. "(500) Days of Summer," to remind you that there is no "the one."

    17. "Dirty Dancing," because nobody puts baby in a corner.

    18. "An Unmarried Woman," to remind you of the power of rebound sex.

    19. "Amelie," to prove why being alone is awesome.

    20. "My Best Friend's Wedding," to remind you that happiness is sometimes just a dance with your true friend away.

    21. "Before Sunrise," because your soulmate might just be waiting for you on your next train.