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18 Things Every Starbucks Addict Needs To Have At Their Wedding

If you love Starbucks so much, you should marry (in) it.

On New Years Eve, Brian & Ria Kilbride tied the knot in a Starbucks in Plymouth, UK.

Flickr: montagecomms

It's cute, because their first date was at a Starbucks. And their pun-derful vows included this gem: "I promise to love you a latte."

But even if you don't love Starbucks quite enough to get married there, you can still add a few caffeine shots to your nuptials.

1. Acknowledge your love for each other, and for coffee, in your engagement cake.

2. Let your favorite flavor costar in your engagement photo shoot.

Just Love Me /

Just don't wear your ring if you WORK at Starbucks :(

3. Or use a cup to make your save-the-dates.

4. Bring a Frappucino cart to the reception.

Called the "Out-of-Store-Experience," you can get blended drinks or espresso from your on-site Barista.

5. Or, have a DIY coffee bar.

See how to do it here.

6. Make your own calligraphy coffee sleeves.

This is easy if you (or a patient friend) has pretty handwriting. Directions here.

7. Serve Frappuchino cupcakes.

Those straws in the top really make them. Get the recipe here.

8. Use Starbucks gift cards as escort cards.

And hold them up with your favorite beans. See how they did it here.

9. Turn those Frappucino bottles into DIY table decorations.

Rebecca Wood /

See how to make these gold-leaf versions here.

10. Learn how to easily take the labels off here.

11. Make personalized cups for the wedding party.

Get the vinyl template here.

12. Or just have their signature drink ready when they arrive.

Picture This! By Anna /

13. Get a shot of your wedding mani with your go-to drink.

14. Use coffee beans throughout your decor.

Amy Squires. / Mint Julep, Inc. / Facebook: 255239894524303

15. Give your favorite blend as a wedding favor.

Get these cute labels here and the instructions for the mason jar favors here.

16. Or make your guests a DIY mocha mix.

Get the instructions here.

17. Serve a coffee-based drink as your signature cocktail.

This one has iced coffee and Frangelico. Get the recipe here.

18. Take an important name-officially-changed photo on your honeymoon.

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