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18 Insanely Clever And Beautifully Decorated Cookies

There's no such thing as too pretty to eat.

2. These delicious drumsticks.

3. These fully loaded tacos.

4. These playful pieces.

5. These cookies with a surprise inside.

6. These perfect Pantone colors.

7. This coconut sushi.

8. These delicate row houses.

9. These adorable chalkboards.

10. These edible matchsticks.

11. These beautiful florals.

12. This wearable snack.

13. This artistic Oreo.

14. These sweet toothbrushes.

15. These beautifully scripted greeting cookies.

With edible calligraphy ink.

16. These edible palettes and brushes.

17. These maple bacon cookies.

18. These poetry cookies.