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17 Amazingly Useful Apps Every Beauty Addict Needs

"Makeup Application" has a whole new meaning.

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1. ModiFace is the most popular digital makeover app that lets you try out different looks.

The sophisticated facial recognition technology and the variety of options are what make this app so easy to use. You can try out hair colors and makeup looks and even select from pre-set celebrity styles.

Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows.

2. Top Coat lets you browse and book local nail artists based on their uploaded photos.

You can even use the app to pay via mobile when you're finished — which is way easier than messing up your nails by digging into your wallet! Available for iPhone here.


5. Mirror is an app that turns your front-facing camera into a mirror that's actually usable.

The app uses lighting and zoom to turn your phone into a pocket mirror. You can even use it in the dark with the night mode options. Get it for iPhone, Android, or Windows.


7. Beautiful Me uses your Facebook photos to give you personalized information about your skin.

It can tell you a lot using photos over time, like how your skin is aging, what kind and color of foundation you need, and what your best colors are. And it even works on hair! Currently available for iPhone.


12. UV Safe Timer tells you how much sunscreen you need and what kind to use.

This app uses your location to tell you the local forecast, the UV index, and the recommended sunscreen for that day based on your skin type, and it even alerts you when you need to reapply! Download it on iTunes.


17. L'Oreal Makeup Genius is everything you want from a beauty app.

This app uses super-advanced facial mapping technology to show you how various products look on your face in real time — you can even move your face around! And if you scan any L'Oreal brand product it will try that one out on you.

The only downside is that you can only test L'Oreal products, but we have a hack for that: If you see a color or product you like but want a more high-end version, do a reverse dupe search! Download Makeup Genius for iPhone here.