16 Super Scandalous Ways To Pope Your Apartment

Want to make your house Scandal-Chic? Consider it handled.

Have you spent every Thursday without your Gladiators drinking wine and eating popcorn on a boring empty couch? Do you wish you could just live in Shonda-Rhimes-land every night? Olivia Pope can fix all your problems. Celebrate the return of Scandal by making your own Olivia-inspired space with these buys and DIYs.

1. Cozy up the couch.


The designers for the show said the overall feel for Olivia’s apartment was “smooth and feminine” with “very simple colors” that give that “ethereal effect.” But the most important thing was making the space comfortable. Her couch, a custom tight-backed model from Cisco, is always stacked with cozy throws and patterned pillows.


You’re gunna want to cuddle on it for more than just One Minute.

2. Tuft your headboard.

From the original concept board tweeted by Scandal Set Decorator @smariebailey to the final result, the vibe for Liv’s boudoir has always been a blend of cozy and elegant. Tufted headboards like this are a great way to add texture and glamor to your room. Check out some great DIY tutorials here and here.

3. Embroider yourself some bedding.

The actual version from West Elm is no longer available, but you can find similar versions here and here, or embroider a frame pattern onto any solid-color duvet for the same result.

4. Add mirrors to your closet doors.

An easy way to make any room look bigger. Even from creepy spy camera angles.

5. Layer up your lighting.


Every room in Olivia’s pad has multiple levels of lighting, which can dramatically change the atmosphere of the space. Try combining chandeliers, sconces, lamps and candles in your own space to lighten up the mood.

6. Make a gallery wall around your TV.


Though Olivia’s living room decor has changed since this shot from season one, this technique is a great way of blending anything big like a TV into the rest of the room’s decor. Here’s a great tutorial on how to do it.

Because this is basically museum-worthy.

7. Stud your seating.

The matching nail heads on Olivia’s mis-matched dining chairs unify the space and give it a little edge. You can find similar French Art-Deco style side chairs here, and learn how to add your own studs.

8. Another tip from Scandal’s set designer: paint the walls Nantucket Gray.

@BlaqVixenBeauty here ya go! Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray. By the time it's lit and shot...color changes a little

— s.marie bailey (@smariebailey)

9. Stock up on orchids.

Learn how to take care of them here. Or don’t.

10. Buy a bone-inlay mirror.


This Morrocan-Style Mirror hung over the dining table maximizes the light and the awesome. See similar styles here and here. Or, try your hand at a painted DIY version.

11. DIY this door.


All you need is a little moulding and a miter-box to upgrade your boring door. (World’s Most Glamorous Gown sold separately.)

12. GYOC (Gild Your Own Coffee Table)


You can buy a similar version here. Or, give your existing table a metallic upgrade with this DIY.

13. Build a better bookshelf.


You can find similar ones here and here. Or if you’re feeling really crafty, try to build your own. Perfect for all your books. And other important things.

14. Add some soothing art.

This painting from Liv’s living room is Orange Trees by Nancy Crawford. Channel your inner-Rothko with this color-field art tutorial.

15. Simulate the subway tile in the kitchen.


Sure, you could get this look with actual subway tiles. OR you could try this awesome DIY painted version for much cheaper.


ABC / Via

The most important part of a Pope-d out apartment. Get the exact same ones here.

For all the dirty details on the rest of the Scandal sets, check out the blog here.

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