16 Shirts That Totally Understand How You Feel About Sports

    I'm just here for the food.

    1. Hooray ball throwing!

    2. Punt the baseball?

    3. Balls are always fun(ny).

    4. Are there trophies for binge-watching?

    5. Hitting all the goals!

    6. We practice every day.

    7. I think you dropped something ;)

    8. You can still cheer with your mouth full.

    9. Sorry, ref.

    10. The internet is a sport.

    11. I'm a competitive snacker.

    12. One time at band camp....

    13. Vodka pong rookie.

    14. I don't know what he said but he seems wrong.

    15. Party in a parking lot!

    16. Please pass the liquid enthusiasm.