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    14 Safe Alternatives To Fireworks

    Fun, flame-free, kid-friendly ideas to celebrate the Fourth.

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    1. Make these poppers with recycled bottles, balloons and confetti.

    They still make fun sounds! See the directions here.

    2. Glowsticks are a great (and cheap) alternative for night-time fun.

    Buy them in bulk here.

    3. Firecracker piñatas are a much quieter alternative for sensitive ears.

    This one is available from Party City. Or, learn how to make your own here.

    4. Red and blue bubbles are perfect for some clean outdoor fun.

    Available here. Or, learn to make your own soap bubbles and just add food coloring! Watch the video tutorial here.

    5. Silly string is a safe way to have a lot of fun.

    Available here.

    6. Sprinkle fireworks are super easy to make.

    All you need is paper, sprinkles and a little water. Get the directions here.

    7. Make this easy Fireworks In A Jar project.

    8. Shoot off these harmless rockets.

    Learn how to make them here.

    9. This easy wand is made from a straw and an applesauce lid.

    Get the full directions here.

    10. Make these awesome confetti eggs.

    11. Throw your own color fight.

    Get tips for how to do it here.

    12. Use cellphones or LED ropes to make light graffitti.

    You don't need sparklers to write with light. Learn the technique here.

    13. Diet Coke and Mentos rockets are a classic.

    Somehow it never gets old. Learn how to make one that will go sky-high here.

    14. Balloon fireworks are satisfyingly loud and sparkly.

    Get the directions here.

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