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    12 Reasons Friendships Get Better In Your 30s

    Like a delicious cheddar, friendships only improve with age.

    1. Your best friend is getting married, and she announces she’s not having bridesmaids because she “would never do that to her friends.”

    2. When you have the inevitable emotional breakdown, no one panics. We’ve all been there.

    3. You're not roommates.

    4. You’ve learned how to have grown-up conversations about things that are bothering you.

    5. Behind-the-back shit-talking is far less acceptable.

    6. You can actually take each other out for birthdays and special occasions.

    7. There is no pressure to go out and get wasted if you don’t feel like it…

    8. And no one's judging you based on how cool you are.

    9. Competition over the opposite sex has fallen by the wayside—it's hoes before bros all day.

    10. You can hang out with each other’s parents because you have realized that they, too, are people.

    11. And sure, you might have to work harder to stay in touch once everyone starts having babies…

    12. But if you can make it through that – and you will – you know you’re in this for life.