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25 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up The Modern Bay Area

What the tech.

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1. This Girl Scout accepting cookie payments via Square.

Only in Silicon Valley: just bought Girl Scout cookies via @Square.

2. This tech sushi:

3. This ~horrible~ plebe fruit:

Harsh working conditions in Silicon Valley

4. This too-real t-shirt:

5. This terrible tech bro problem.

7. THIS license plate:

8. This:

Only in San Francisco… #bitcoin

11. This way to get your kids started early on Python.

Gym offers coding lessons to kids. Only in Silicon Valley.

12. This graffiti in a VC office:

13. This full page newspaper ad:

14. This demo day-themed menu:

Yes, this is a real menu. Only in Silicon Valley #smalltalk #pitch #close cc: @MIT15390x

15. This, uh, commentary:

16. This piece of litter:

Only in San Francisco would a sever rack be littered in the park. Got to love Silicon Valley.

17. This billboard:

18. This designated parking.

19. This:

Only in Silicon Valley: Ethiopian Zuckerberg #Ethiopian #cuisine #Zuckerberg #siliconvalley #Facebook

20. This lottery:

21. This person missing their drone.

22. This:

23. This API wine:

Algorithm wine....only in silicon valley.

24. This important request:

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