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23 Pictures That Will Change Your Whole Damn Life

I need to lie down.

1. The orange edge of Sour Patch Kids is actually LITTLE KIDS.

2. The Easter Island moai statues actually have full bodies underneath the ground.

3. Cinnamon sticks are the dried, rolled-up bark of this tree.

4. And kiwifruit grow on vines.

Bignai / Getty Images

5. Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are cousins.

Daniel Boczarski / Getty
Frazer Harrison / Getty

6. This is how your key works.

7. Those perfect stacks of towels at Bed Bath & Beyond are FAKE.

8. Nutella contains very little hazelnuts and is 58% sugar and 32% fat (most of which is palm oil).

9. There's a 31 hidden in the Baskin-Robbins logo that stands for the company's 31 flavors.

10. And "TOYOTA" is hidden in the Toyota logo.

11. Grand Theft Auto and The Price Is Right use the same font.

12. This is what a strawberry looks like under a microscope.

13. This is what a comet would look like in Los Angeles.

Comet  67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko Relative to Downtown Los Angeles
Flickr: anosmicovni

14. And this is what a sunset on Mars looks like.

15. Here's how a coin sorter works:

16. This is what's inside of an instant ramen noodle cup.

17. "No tears" kids' shampoo means no tangles and NOT that it's safe to get in your eyes.

18. OMG, it's true.

19. Carol on The Office is played by Nancy Walls, who is Steve Carell's real-life wife.


20. This is a brilliant way to move around completed chunks of your puzzle.

21. And this is a good way to get rid of all that cereal dust if you hate it.

22. The Hawaiian Punch guy is wearing a HAT.

23. And the little pocket on your jeans is there for men of yore who carried pocket watches to stash them in.

Tpopova / Getty Images

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