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    You'll Never Guess What This Jewelry Is Made Of

    Wait, what.

    These are necklaces made from breast milk.

    So is this bracelet.

    So is this pendant.

    So is this locket, which contains a "breast milk bead."

    And which comes with a promise to not "turn yellow or spotty."

    How do you turn breast milk into accessories?

    You can send 1-2 tablespoons of milk in a baggie to an artist like this one. The milk is then dehydrated and then covered with a glaze or a clear resin. You can also buy a kit (like the one above) to DIY it.

    As one seller writes, "What a wonderful way to preserve the 'liquid gold' that we are only able to make for certain period of time. This can be passed down for generations and what a fantastic gift to give to your child, the root of their survival."

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