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    You Should Have A Bagel Today

    Need more convincing?

    Today is the hole-iest of days.

    That's right, it's National Bagel Day. AMEN!

    You should definitely eat an everything bagel today.


    Have an onion bagel if you're feeling zesty.

    Or a poppy seed bagel.

    Or you could opt for sesame.

    Salt bagels are quite tasty.

    But you can never go wrong with a cinnamon sugar bagel.

    Want something heartier? How about a breakfast sandwich?

    And of course, LOX.

    Woke up too late for breakfast? Bagels also make a GREAT lunch.

    Have an international day with a pizza bagel!

    Or warm yourself up with a grilled cheese bagel.

    Mmmm, LUNCH.

    But wait, it gets better: Nutella bagels for dessert!

    A chocolate chip bagel with chocolate cream cheese is definitely healthy. (It's a bagel, come on.)

    Just please, please, please, do NOT do this.

    Happy Bagel Day!