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19 Food Photos That Will Make You Say "What The Actual Fuck"

What a time to be alive.

1. This one reallllly long curly fry.

2. This crazy mutant lemon.

3. This bulb of garlic that has only one giant clove.

4. This very freaky completely peeled watermelon.

5. This mussel that has a tiny crab in it.

6. This bacon that still has the nipple on it.

7. This Uncrustable that HAS. CRUST.

8. This tomato that looks like an old Elizabethan woman.

9. This extra-long Froot Loop that looks like a creepy worm.

10. This really messed-up lime.

11. This ice cream.

12. And this one.

13. And this one!

14. This Lunchables that came with a bag of cheese powder instead of chips.

15. A roll of tape sealed inside a bag of McDonald's French fries.

16. These purple potatoes that turned the water bright green when boiled.

17. These two grapes that grew while being tied together by their stem.

18. This fry that's packing heat.

19. And this potato that's REALLY packing heat.