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    21 Things You'll Want To Try For Yourself *Immediately*

    It's 100% worth getting weird looks in public.

    1. Say "rise up lights" out loud.

    2. And "space ghetto."

    3. And also "batteries" (really fast!)

    4. Try this sorcery.

    5. You can't hum while holding your nose.

    6. Need something to hum? Try this. They're the SAME SONG.

    7. If you poke deep in your belly button, you'll feel weird sensations in your groin.

    8. THIS:

    9. Does your iPhone have this?

    10. And did you know that the second hand on your Clock app icon moves (and tells the actual time)?

    11. Grab a pen:

    12. Can you hear it?

    13. You just said "Emma Stone" out loud, didn't you?

    "Emma Stone" ~ Italian man telling you he's high

    14. Suck on a grape.

    15. Go ahead, look it up.

    16. Pop a stick of gum.

    17. You can draw a boy out of the word "boy."

    18. Set your equalizer to these magical settings:

    19. Definitely do this:

    20. Try this amazing Wikipedia trick:

    21. And go to Bobbi Babalooney's website. Just trust me.