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Which Girl At The Sleepover Were You?

Did you live to TGIF, or TGIF to live??

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  1. 1. Did you ever tap into the eternal wisdom of Zandar?

    Yes, and I asked him about my crush!
    Yes, and I asked him about something school-related.
    No, I chickened out.
  2. 2. When your friends put random stuff in a blender and dared someone to drink it, you...

    Plunked down in a chair and said, "Game on."
    Almost heaved just thinking about it.
    Rooted around in the back of the fridge and found some really old grape jelly to add.
  3. 3. How many times have you danced with the green fairy?

    EVERY sleepover. Every one.
    I think I tried it once.
    Ew, like I'd ever drink artificially colored stomach destroyer!
  4. 4. Did you take this with the utmost seriousness?

    I mean, I made them, but whatever.
    I don't get it, what's a mash?
  5. 5. How many radio stations have you prank called on speakerphone?

    Never! That's rude.
    They knew me because I called so much, and I had to start disguising my voice.
  6. 6. This was an opportunity to:

    Play a lovely board game with friends.
    Put on all the jewelry and dance around like an idiot.
    Wait, what is that?
  7. 7. How many slices could you eat?

    4 or more.
    1, if I was reallllly hungry.
  8. 8. When it came to the hair braid circle, you...

    Gave AND received.
  9. 9. When you signed onto your friend's AOL, you went straight for the:

    Kid Zone.
    Hanson fansites on Geocities.
  10. 10. Were you the first to switch the TV to this?

    Not usually.
  11. 11. You totally:

    Moved the pointer.
    Opted out. Creepy!
  12. 12. The secret to the perfect Hard Candy manicure:

    Painting each nail a different color.
    Picking one pretty pastel shade.
    Painting on your friend's arm while she slept.
  13. 13. Were you ever the first one to fall asleep?

    LOL, no, I knew what kind of "hand in the warm water" fate awaited me.
    I was the one standing by with the warm water.
    Yes. :(

Which Girl At The Sleepover Were You?

You got: Dina Downer

You were the one yelling about not staying on AOL too long in case someone's mom needed to make a call, weren't you?

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You got: Pretty Fun Jennifer

The average sleepover-goer, you knew your way around a MASH board but knew not to get totally tripped out on Surge so that you could at least get SOME sleep.

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You got: Sleepover Savvy Samantha

You were the total sleepover butterfly, always game to prank call both B103.9 AND your crush's house. Congrats for party rockin'!

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