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    What It's Like Being A Twin

    "Hey, why aren't you guys dressed the same?"

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    Being a twin makes growing up a really unique experience.

    Sometimes people think of you as a unit.

    You get used to answering the same questions: "If I pinch you, does your twin feel it?"

    Uh. No.

    "What's it like to be a twin?"

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    I've never known anything different!

    "Which one of you is older?"

    Does it matter?

    "Do you have a secret twin language that you talk to each other in?"

    Not really? Sometimes we pretended to have one though.

    "So you have the same birthday and everything?"

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    "Why aren't you guys dressed the same?"

    Because we're over the age of 4!

    "Whoa, what if you guys, like, married another set of twins?"

    I guess that'd be cool.

    "Which of you is the funny one and which is the serious one?"


    But having a twin had its upsides. It was great to always have a friend to play with.

    And you always had someone else's closet to raid!

    If you were identical, you could switch places and fool your teachers.

    I guess. Did anyone ever actually do that?

    Even though you probably fought A LOT.

    A LOT.

    A lot.

    But as you get older, you realize that having a twin is a total blessing.

    Someone's ALWAYS got your back.

    You have a birthday buddy for life.

    They understand what it was like growing up in your crazy family.

    And you can talk to them about ANYTHING.

    Plus, you're in good company! Guess who else is a twin:

    And the best part is, no matter how far away you might be from your twin... they're always with you in your heart.

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