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    Oct 5, 2015

    For Anyone Who's Received A Free Granola Bar In Their ASOS Order

    Oh yay, my new clutch pur — wait, are these crackers?

    I ordered some bathing suits from ASOS recently, and when I opened the box, I found both my bathing suits AND this pack of very British "cracker crisps."

    Jess Misener/ BuzzFeed

    At first I thought this was a mistake — like someone at ASOS dropped part of their lunch into my package on accident — but it turns out that other people got them too.

    Thank you very much @ASOS for my free cream crackers 👍🏻

    Got these quality crackers with my ASOS order. No further info necessary.

    I ordered a top off asos and I got a free box of crackers inside??? It's like Christmas came early

    And have the same questions.

    Did some poor bloke drop his breakfast in my bag or did I genuinely get a free cereal bar from ASOS?

    I don't understand, asos sent a free sample of rice cakes with my order

    asos gave me a free sample of mango vitamins with my earrings... #wtf

    Sometimes the free sample is "crispbreads."

    Either Jacobs has a free sample @ASOS deal or a poor clothes packer is down half a lunchbox

    Or cough drops??

    Bit of a weird free sample to receive from asos #thanks..

    Or one rice cake.

    Would like to thanks asos for my free sample rice cake👌

    Or three chocolate popcorns.

    Asos sent me a free sample of chocolate popcorn.. This is how many was in the packet #pointless

    Or a Ritz.

    Thanks for the unusual sample @ASOS

    Or a Ritz IN Cadbury.

    I can definitely get on board with a shopping site that gives away free chocolate! @ASOS

    Or OREOS.

    Got this free with my order, cheers Asos👍😂

    Sometimes it's a health and beauty sample, a la Birchbox.

    @HawaiianT_UK love my free sample from @ASOS 😎

    Like this men's shave cream they included in women's orders.

    Soooo why did asos think giving me free shaving cream would make me happy

    Cheers #asos , love a freebie! Last time I checked I wasn't a man though 😂

    People got weirded out when it was vitamins.

    Free immune system vitamins with my Asos order??!! How very odd lol

    Only ASOS would give you vitamins when buying a bag

    Why did asos send me vitamins with my clothes?

    Why am I getting sent vitamins from Asos??

    They also like to send gum.

    Best freebie from an asos delivery yet!

    And teabags.

    Got a lovely surprise in my @ASOS parcel, a free sample of @PGtips how did you know I needed a cuppa?

    ASOS sent me a free sample of PG Tips. I get why you're giving away that shit but how dare you, we drink Twinings in this house

    Asos trying to kill me with this free sample of green tea rather drink bath water

    And... tissues?

    got some extra soft tissues with my order from asos.. little do they know i am going to use it to wipe my arse with it #result

    So confused as to why I got 2 free tea bags with my asos delivery?..

    And mediocre sunglasses, apparently.

    The free sunnies from asos are an utter disappointment

    Class FREE pair of sunglasses from @ASOS just in time for... Winter..

    Sometimes the samples are ACTUAL FULL-SIZED CHOCOLATE BARS.

    @ASOS my order arrived today...thank you so much for the free massive of bar of chocolate!! Lovely xmas surprise :)

    The ASOS Twitter account spends a lot of time letting people know that the "freebies" are intended to be there.

    @Greig_Barr They're just a freebie we've thrown in, you'd be crackers not to enjoy them

    @IJACKEDYOURCAR Just a little freebie from us!

    @louiserayner7 If you've got one then yep. Everyone loves a freebie so if you've got one then lucky you. Always nice to have a surprise

    So, bummer: you're not the only one getting free chocolates with your rompers.

    Although if you've gotten an intact one, count your blessings.

    Received a free cracker pack with my ASOS delivery today. Guess lunch is off @JacobsSnacks

    Just opened my @ASOS delivery and the Ghost sample has broken and gone everywhere!!! #welldone

    @ASOS_HeretoHelp nice free gift but errr..

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