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    25 Photos That Meat Eaters Will Never Understand

    You've heard one bacon joke, you've heard 'em all.

    1. The sinking realization that the pasta sauce WASN'T marinara:

    2. When you're just trying to find the almond milk:

    3. How bad/guilty you feel when you go to someone's house for dinner and they've prepared a fancy meat thing:

    4. When someone makes you go to McDonald's:

    5. When your date isn't veg:

    6. When BAE isn't veg:

    7. When the server starts telling you all the (pork and chicken) dinner specials:

    8. When you drop the V-bomb:

    9. ...Because you know what's coming next.

    10. When your family tries to make fun of your lifestyle:

    11. Especially at Thanksgiving:

    12. Dealing with all the fiber you eat:

    13. The eternal chicken broth struggle:

    14. When someone says, "God created us to eat animals."

    15. Meat eaters thinking their jokes are ~so hilarious~:

    16. When people seriously don't seem to understand that plants have protein:

    17. Speaking of protein:

    18. And you're just like:

    19. Going to weddings:

    20. Paying attention to details:

    21. "But what about bacon?"

    22. When people don't seem to understand what "vegetarian" means:

    23. When someone ordered a bunch of pizza (!!!) but it's pepperoni:

    24. When your super awesome mom makes you a special veg dish so you don't have to eat the meat entree:

    25. And, of course, every now and then being lazy:

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