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23 Things People Who Can't Do Math Understand

For everyone who has a panic attack trying to fill in the tip line.

1. People who spring basic math questions on you are your enemy.

2. It's the BEST THING EVER when a receipt just tells you what your tip should be.

3. You've done this "just to be sure."

4. 2048 is the most math you've done since 11th grade.

5. When you try to double the measurements in recipes in your head:

6. Figuring this out is your nightmare.

7. When your parents asked why you flunked your statistics test, you were just like:

8. Couponing is something you could never ever do, because numbers.

9. Looking at your tax forms gives you the cold sweats.

10. You trying to calculate tip at the hair salon:

11. When your boss makes you open an Excel spreadsheet:

12. Just the look of this gives you hives.

13. If you tried to flirt this way, you'd forget the equation and butcher the whole thing.

14. Logic problems are your foreign language.

15. You've realized you need to date someone who's good with numbers, because SOMEONE should be able to balance the checkbook.

16. It took you a second to realize what was wrong with this.

17. Not even M&Ms can make this tolerable.

18. What even:

19. When you click "Agree to conditions" on your student loans interest page:

20. This was you in high school:

21. Apps that do math for you are your best friends.

22. The only part of your credit card bill that you understand is your balance due.

23. You feel passionate empathy with Katie.


In conclusion: