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45 Signs You're An Old Millennial

Don't lump us in with the kids who were BORN in the '90s, please.

1. Your teen clothes were wide-legged jeans, sunglasses with colored lenses, and '70s-revival trends.

2. You learned a LOT about sex from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

3. And you remember watching the O.J. Simpson trial on Court TV.

4. This was your middle school social life.

5. And you spent pretty much all of middle and high school sending your friends roses on AIM. @>---,---

6. And talking to weird people in Yahoo chatrooms.

7. You WERE going to marry Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, or Taylor Hanson.

8. And you wrote all about it on Xanga, LiveJournal, or the site that you built (out of HTML!!) on Geocities or Angelfire.

9. You went to see Titanic multiple times in the theater, because that's what everybody did.

10. You didn't get your first cell phone until you were 16 or older.

11. You remember when this video came out, and how controversial it was.

12. You played Oregon Trail in elementary school.

13. Your books were Berenstain Bears, Baby-Sitters Club, and Goosebumps.

14. And on Friday nights, you NEVER missed TGIF.

15. If you had cable, you watched Family Double Dare, Rugrats, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Guts.

16. If you were a PBS family, you watched Zoobilee Zoo, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Ghostwriter, and Bill Nye.

17. You were allowed to eat peanut butter in school.

18. You remember flying before the TSA.

19. You vividly remember the Ashlee Simpson SNL lip-sync scandal.

20. And you know Jessica Simpson from her pop music and her reality TV show with Nick Lachey, not from her handbag line.

21. Your mom hated Marilyn Manson.

22. You got your first email in middle school, but you checked it only once every couple days.

23. And later, you waited hours to download one song on Napster.

24. Or the REAL player.

25. And then you listened to it with your favorite Winamp skin.

26. And then in college, you uploaded it to your cool iPod Mini.

27. You watched American Pie with your high school friends and felt super scandalous.

28. You watched Carson Daly on TRL after school.

29. ...And you dreamed about going to New York and standing outside the studio in the freezing cold.

30. And you were so puzzled by Carson's black nail polish.

31. Taking pictures on a digital camera felt SO innovative.

32. You remember the frenzy when the Princess Diana Beanie Baby came out.

33. You joined Facebook when it was just for college students and had this weird guy on it.

34. You took your portable CD player on family road trips (with anti-skip protection, of course).

35. You were in college when texting first came out, and only some of your friends were allowed to text.

36. And the cool kids got to have Motorola Razrs.

37. You were so proud when you finally got your own one of these.

38. You remember voting for the new M&M's color after they decided to get rid of tan.

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39. You voted for Jesse Camp to be the new MTV VJ, even though you thought Dave knew more about music.

40. You licked these stamps so you could get a free Subway sandwich.

41. In college, it was still weird to bring a laptop to class.

42. But if you did, you spent most of your time looking at Homestar Runner and sending Strong Bad clips to your friends.

43. You shed a tear while watching the last episodes of Friends and Seinfeld.

44. And everyone in your dorm had parties for the final episode of Sex and the City.

45. You're the last part of your generation to remember life before the internet, smartphones, emojis, texting, and being connected 24/7.