23 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Like A Dad


1. Find creative ways to give your holiday gifts.

2. Try to save money in fun ways whenever possible.

4. Put your decorating skills to good use.

5. Try something new with the Christmas lights this year.

7. Give your kids some yummy candy as stocking stuffers.

9. Make your holiday cards as hilarious as possible.

10. Pick out a festive tree skirt for your family.

11. Make sure your kids know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

12. Pick up your tree in style.

13. Crank up those holiday-ready tunes.

14. Use humor to have fun.

15. No, really. Keep the jokes coming!

16. There are SO MANY good jokes this time of year:

17. Unpack your decor the dad way.

18. Follow directions carefully.

19. But always maintain your sense of reality.

21. Remember, it’s a great time of year to accessorize!

22. And always, always get your kids the gifts they asked for.

23. And remember that your best joke is right in front of you:

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